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Aerial Photography of the United States Featuring Lake Okeechobee and Central Florida Lakes

Aerials Only Photo Gallery of Central Florida Lakes
Lake Okeechobee

View over 10,000 Aerial Images by
Joseph R. Melanson joseph@skypic.com
We show your world from a higher perspective


The pictures are arranged geographically from south to north.
Lake Okeechobee * Lake Placid * Sebring * Avon Park * Frostproof

Aerial photography is our way of life. Welcome to the Central Florida page of the website of the Aerials Only Gallery. This page contains photos of Lake Okeechobee and other central Florida lakes. Scroll down the page or use the menu to locate an area or subject that interests you. Click on the link for the picture you wish to see, and the aerial image will appear in living color. You may need to scroll down the image to see the entire aerial picture. Serial number and title of each photo are displayed on the image. Then use the back button on your browser to return to this page.

All our aerial photographs are taken with 2 x 3 inch negatives for superb clarity and sharpness. Your monitor shows the pictures at about 75 dpi while the actual aerial photographs are 3000 dpi. Enlargements are hand printed and color corrected in our own lab. We sell aerial photographs in sizes ranging from 16 x 20 inches to 30 x 40 inches. Here is a pricing and order form. You may also telephone your order to the Aerials Only Gallery at 508-295-5551 or shop in person at our gallery location at 3173 Cranberry Highway, Wareham, MA; here are driving directions. We ship throughout the free world.

Now sit back, relax, and get ready to enter the wild blue yonder.

All Rights Reserved. Aerials Only Photographs are protected by Federal Copyright. Reproduction of any kind without written permission is theft. This web page is not shareware. Do not download, print, manipulate, or scan our images.

(C) Copyright Aerials Only Gallery

Visit West Coast Florida, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Florida Keys, Everglades , Miami, and Florida, for more aerials of Florida.

Assistant for this flight was Ned MacDonald.

If you do not want to wait for all the thumbnails to load OR you want to search for a specific Location, Check out our New Search Engine.

Here is a pricing and order form.

Lake Okeechobee
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South Shore to North Shore Panorama

Taylor Creek

Rt. 98 & Rt. 78

Buckhead Ridge, Access Rd.

Buckhead Ridge, Access Rd.

Buckhead Ridge, 14th St. & Linda Rd.

Canal River Rd. & Rt. 78

Fisherman & Canal

Maple Lane

Lake Placid
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Placid View Dr., Washington Blvd. N.E.

Placid View Dr.

Lake Placid

Grassy Lake, S. Sun 'n Lakes Blvd.

S. Sun 'n Lakes Blvd., Sweetheart Ave.

Grassy Lake, S. Sun 'n Lakes Blvd., Serenade Dr.

Grassy Lake

Crystal Creek Country Club, Grassy Lake

Lake Huntley

Lake Huntley, Lake Huntley Dr., Meadowlake Cir.

S. Huntley Dr., Lake Huntley

Lake McCoy

Lake Pearl, Lake McCoy

Lake Pearl

Lake Pearl, Lake Sirena

Lake Sirena

Deanna Dr., orange groves

Lake Clay, Central to Oak Ave.

Lake Clay

Lake Clay

Catfish, Creek Rd., Lake June

Lake Placid Blvd., Anderson St., Lake June

Washington Blvd., Lake June in Winter

Placid Lake Blvd. to Lake June

Lake June Rd., Lake Henry

Lake Henry Dr, Lake June Rd.

Lake June Rd., Lake Henry

Lake June, Lake June Dr., Rt. 27

Rt. 27, Lake Henry, Lake June

Keith Ave., S. Washington Blvd.

Orchid Rd., Peach Tree Dr., Lake Carrie

Jonquil St., Lake Carrie

Peach Tree Dr., Jacaranda Ave.

Cloverleaf Rd., Lake Francis

Cloverleaf Rd., Lake Francis

Little Red Water Lake, Lake Francis

Little Red Water Lake

Persimmon Lake

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Rt. 25, Lake Josephine

Atkins Rd., Lake Josephine Dr.

Sentinel Pt. Rd., Oak Beach Blvd., Lake Josephine

Oak Beach Blvd., Lake Josephine

Cedar St., Rt. 25, Lake Josephine Shores Rd.

Charlotte Lake

Somalia & Liberia St.

Westminster Rd., Grady Ave., Harder Hall Country Club

Harder Hall Country Club to Lake Jackson

Golf Hammock Country Club

NW Lakeview Dr., Ben Eastman Dr., Lake Jackson

NW Lakeview Dr., Lake Jackson

Sebring Pkwy., Lake Jackson

Lake Sebring Dr., Sebring Pkwy., Lake Jackson

Schlosser Rd., Sparta Rd., Lake Jackson

Rt. 27, Lake Jackson

Sebring Pkwy., Lake Jackson

Kentworth Blvd., S. Highland Ave., Lake Jackson

Lake Jackson, Downtown

Kenilworth Blvd., Lakeview Dr.

Sunniland Dr., Dinner Lake

Dinner Lake, Martin Luther King Blvd.

Dinner Lake

Sunset Dr., Lake Sebring Dr., Sebring

Avon Park
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orange groves

Lake Letta, Rt. 17

Glenada Lake

South Florida Community College

South Florida Community College

Pinecrest Golf Club, Lake Lotela

Lake Lotela, Pinecrest Golf Club, Hollyhurst Rd.

S. Golfview Dr., Lake Lotela

S. Highland Ave., Ernest E. Sims St.

Lake Tulane

Lake Viola

Lake Isis

Lake Isis

River Greens Golf Club, Lake Pythias

River Greens Golf Club

Damon Lake, N. Gaster Rd.

Lake Olivia

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Reedy Lake, Clinch Lake

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Blue Skies.