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Aerial Photography of the United States Featuring San Francisco

Aerials Only Photo Gallery of San Francisco

View over 10,000 Aerial Images by Joseph R. Melanson joseph@skypic.com
We show your world from a higher perspective

Aerial photography is our way of life. Welcome to the San Francisco page of the website of the Aerials Only Gallery. This page displays "thumbnails" of the aerial photographs. Click on the thumbnail or the description below it to enlarge the picture to full-screen size. You can click on the description to view the picture even if the thumbnail has not loaded yet. With a 56K modem, the thumbnails will load completely in less than 2 minutes.

You may need to scroll down the image to see the entire aerial picture. Serial number and title of each photo are displayed on the image. Then use the back button on your browser to return to this page.

All our aerial photographs are taken with 2 x 3 inch negatives for superb clarity and sharpness. Your monitor shows the pictures at about 75 dpi while the actual aerial photographs are 3000 dpi. Enlargements are hand printed and color corrected in our own lab. We sell aerial photographs in sizes ranging from 16 x 20 inches to 30 x 40 inches. Here is a pricing and order form. You may also telephone your order to the Aerials Only Gallery at 508-295-5551 or shop in person at our gallery location at 3173 Cranberry Highway, Wareham, MA; here are driving directions. We ship throughout the free world.

Now sit back, relax, and get ready to enter the wild blue yonder.

All Rights Reserved. Aerials Only Photographs are protected by Federal Copyright. Reproduction of any kind without written permission is theft. This web page is not shareware. Do not download, print, manipulate, or scan our images.

Copyright Aerials Only Gallery

Check out Colleges, National Parks, Lighthouses, California, and San Diego, for more aerials of California.

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Here is a pricing and order form.



Alhambra & Fillmore

Anza & 37th St.

Baker & 101

Bay & North Point St.

Brannan & Embacadero

California & Webster

Castro, Noe, & 22nd Sts.


Downtown Civic Center

Duboce & 101

Embacadero & Channel St.

Embacadero & Howard

Ferry Blvd. & Downtown

Fisherman's Wharf Close Up

Fisherman's Wharf Ships

Fishermans Wharf

Fort Blvd.

Fort Mason & Marina Blvd.

Fulton & 29th Ave.

Fulton & 43rd Ave.

Fulton & Park Presido Blvd.

Fulton & Stanyan

Fulton & Strader

G.G. Park, Tea Garden Dr.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Lighthouse

Golden Gate Lighthouse

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park W.

High Altitude

Howard & Main St.

Irving, 27th, & G.G. Park

Lincoln Park G.C.

Lincoln Park G.C.

Market St. & Twin Peaks

Masonic & Balboa

Mission & 2nd

Mt. Davidson Area

Oakland Bridge

Oakland Bridge & Downtown

Ocean Beach & 45th St.

Ocean Beach & Sunset Blvd.

Palace of Fine Arts

Pier 39

Pier 39 Marina

Pier 39 to Golden Gate Bridge

Pine & Webster

Point Bonita

Point Bonita

"Point Bonita Lighthouse

Presidio, Portola St.

Pt. Bonita to Muir Woods

Rivera & 39th

S.F.U. to Golden State Park


Sunset Heights, 9th Ave.

Taraval & 24th

Telegraph Hill

Telegraph Hill

The Embarcadero North

The Embarcadero South

Treasure Island

Turk & Fillmore

Twin Peaks Blvd.

Vallejo & Embarcadero

World Trade Center & Downtown

Yerba Buena Island

Blue Skies

Check out Colleges, National Parks, Lighthouses, California, and San Diego, for more aerials of California.